The perry menopause journal.

The menopause transition (perimenopause) can be confusing and isolating.

In a first of its kind, we’re excited to introduce our interactive guided 238 page journal.

The Perry Menopause Journal  is an interactive menopause book designed to educate and empower.

That’s why all activities and information provided in our resourceful journal contains insights from physicians, mental health professionals and experts on the menopause transition.

Meet Our Experts.

The Perry Menopause Journal stands apart  due to its unique and powerful collaborative effort. Unlike many publications in this field, this journal has been co-authored by over 15 esteemed experts who specialize in the intricate realm of menopause. Their collective wisdom, diverse perspectives, and extensive experience make this journal an unparalleled resource for women navigating the complexities of perimenopause.

By bringing together a wide range of expertise, The Perry Menopause Journal offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing the challenges and empowering women during this transformative phase of life.

This collaborative effort ensures that the journal encompasses a wealth of knowledge, insights, and evidence-based information, making it an exceptional and indispensable guide for women on their menopause journey.

Perimenopause Essentials

Dr. Sharon Malone, MD Board-Certified OBGYN and Chief Medical Advisor at Alloy

Mental & Emotional Health (+ ADHD)

Dr. Sasha Hamdani, MD

How To Prepare Yourself For Your Dr. Visit

Dr. Joy'El Ballard, MD Board-Certified OBGYN

Nutrition in Perimenopause

Emma Bardwell, Author of The Perimenopause Solution

Fitness in Perimenopause

Amanda Thebe, Author of Menopocalypse

Sleep in Perimenopause

Dr. Shelby Harris, PSYD, DBSM

Gynecological Health in Perimenopause

Dr. Kelly Casperson, MD

My Perimenopause Story

Stacy London

Thyroid or Perimenopause?

Dr. Disha Narang, MD Endocrinologist

Skin Changes in Perimenopause

Rochelle Weitzner, Founder of Pause Well-Aging

My Perimenopause Story

Tamsen Fadal, Emmy winning TV journalist

My Perimenopause Story

Rachel Hughes, perry talks podcast host

Hair Changes in Perimenopause

Sonsoles Gonzales, Founder of Better Not Younger

My Perimenopause Story

AnnMarie McQueen, Midlife journalist

Positive Psychology of Journaling

Sophie Cliff, Qualified Coach and Positive Psychology Practitioner

The Perry Menopause Journal includes:

      • 238 total pages
      • 100 day guided gratitude journaling
      • 100+ pages filled with essential knowledge by menopause experts in all the relevant fields

The Perry Menopause Journal is the perfect combination of knowledge, stories and guidance.

Our unique journal was designed with feedback from the members of the perry community, as they wanted a dedicated place to practice gratitude, one that complimented their online discussions.

The journal is a natural extension of the online conversation and provides an interactive approach.

Real Stories From The Sisterhood.

What truly sets The Perry Menopause Journal apart is its remarkable collection of stories from women within the perry community.

This book goes beyond mere educational essentials and delves deep into the lived experiences of women navigating menopause.

These authentic and relatable stories offer a powerful connection, allowing readers to find solace, empathy, and inspiration within the pages. By sharing their personal narratives, these brave women have created a supportive and inclusive space where others can find comfort and understanding.

The Perry Menopause Journal celebrates the diversity of experiences, challenges, and triumphs that women encounter during this transformative phase.

Through the power of storytelling, this book becomes a catalyst for empowerment, fostering a sense of community and reminding women that they are not alone on their menopause journey.

Take a look inside the journal.

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Science-Backed Knowledge

100+ pages of essential menopause knowledge

co-created with leading menopause experts

100 Days Gratitude Journaling


 The first guided journal dedicated to the menopause transition designed with a positive psychology practitioner

Real Stories


Personal stories of menopause warriors.  Every experience is unique – you are not alone!

Symptom Tracker


Track your daily symptoms and see how they develop over time. Take your symptom tracker to your next Dr. visit.

Mood Tracker


Perimenopause can be an emotional rollercoaster. Understand what impacts your mood and helps to elevate it.

Actionable Tools


Learn from our experts how to prepare yourself for an actionable Dr. visit to get the help you deserve. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the author of the book

The uniqueness of the perry menopause journal is HOW many have contributed to it.
The authors are leading menopause experts and menopause warriors from the perry community.

Is it a journal or book?

Both! The first section of the book is detailed science-backed knowledge about:

(1) symptoms overview and treatment options

(2) emotional and mental health (incl. ADHD)

(3) gynecological health

(4) nutrition, fitness and weight management

(5) is it the thyroid or perimenopause?

(6) sleep problems and solutions

(7) hair and skin changes

The second section is 100 day gratitude journaling co-designed with a positive psychology practitioner.

Throughout the journal you will find personal stories from the community about individual experience with the menopause transition.

Do I have to be part of the perry app to purchase the journal

No! But we encourage you to join our free perry app. The journal and the community care are very complimentary in your menopause transition.

How much does the perry menopause journal cost?

The perry menopause journal will sell for 24.99 USD.

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