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Embarking on the menopause journey can be daunting, but our accessible video library featuring  Dr. Mary Jane Minkin breaks down this complex transition into easily digestible, evidence-based segments.

Covering every crucial aspect from understanding menopausal stages to managing symptoms and exploring treatment options, our perry school empower individuals to navigate menopause with confidence. Knowledge is power!

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Defining The Stages Of The Menopause Transition

Symptoms – Essentials 

4 min 20 sec


How To Find The Right Provider In Perimenopause?

Symptoms – Essentials – Medical

2 min 25 sec

Resources mentioned: North American Menopause Society

Perimenopause Essentials

Symptoms – Essentials 

1 min 42 sec

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Why Perimenopause Affects Mental Health

Symptoms – Essentials -Mental Health

3 min 03 sec

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 How to Choose The Right Supplement in Perimenopause?

Treatment Options – Hormone Therapy – Supplements

6 min 08 sec

Resources mentioned:

Brands mentioned: Remifemin and Remifemin Goodnight


Hormone Therapy 1-0-1

Treatment Options – Hormone Therapy – Hormones

6 min 25 sec

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Is This Postpartum Depression Or Perimenopause?

Symptoms – Mental Health- Essentials 

1 min 54 sec

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Navigating the Menopause Transition

Symptoms – Essentials – Guidance

4 min 08 sec

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