6 Peri/Menopause Instagram Accounts & Blogs That Inspire Us

March 22, 2020.

Social media has changed our social landscape completely. Some of the most wonderful things about social media are that it gives people a voice and it creates a sense of community, even when people are isolated. Given the current situation globally with COVID-19, isolation is very real. Being separated from your family, friends, and community can make this time feel even more uncertain, anxiety-provoking, depressing, __________ (you fill in the blank). 

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Many of us are likely pulled to our social media outlets to help us feel more connected right now. If you are in perimenopause, having a community is especially important. This is why we have created a list of some of our favorite Instagrammers and bloggers who are inspiring us to dominate and enjoy life in perimenopause.

Menopause Instagram Accounts & Blogs

  1. Instagram: mymidlifeodyssey – This beautiful woman just radiates positivity and self-confidence. She has embraced her beautiful silver hair and calls herself a “Menopause Warrior.” We are loving the inspiration that she provides for all babes entering or in midlife.  

  1. Blogger – Perimenopause Pages Fellow Perry Babe Cherie Fournier shares her personal experiences and tips on her natural approach to perimenopause. To gain insight into another woman’s perimenopause journey, search no further. https://perimenopausepages.com/my-experiences/ 

  1. Instagram: hormone.health.doc – Dr. Heather Hirsch MD, MS, NCMP is the menopause program director at Harvard. Her IG page has so much information delivered in simple, fun illustrations. She even offers a Menopause Course for women who are ready to dive deep into the inner working of the female body in menopause.

  1. Instagram: emma.bardwell – Can we say Y-U-M? The recipes and nutrition advice from Emma is incredible. And she is all about helping you naturally strengthen your pelvic floor. Give her a follow on Instagram and let your eyes (and tastebuds) feast. 

  1. Instagram: amanda.thebe – This rockstar fitness and nutrition guru is empowering women in menopause to take back their strength. Amanda is absolutely hilarious and we are totally digging her tips on losing fat in menopause. 

  1. Instagram: kimschlagfitness – If you want to figure out how to lose weight in perimenopause, Kim is your go-to. This rockstar woman offers healthy habits, nutrition advice, and online weight loss coaching. Plus, she has some pretty hilarious posts that are cracking us up right now!

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Sure, the circumstances are not great in the world right now with a pandemic spanning the globe. But, if you find yourself with a little extra time each day, educate yourself on peri/menopause. Connect with powerful women breaking down the menopause taboo. Learn a few new recipes that are actually healthy and delicious. Maybe try some new makeup techniques (if that’s your thing). Or, work on your core strength on your living room floor. And, don’t forget to put down the technology, do some self-care, and get some much-needed rest. 

Please share who you are loving on social media right now! 

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Julia Walker
perry expert Julia (RN, BSN, BA) is a registered nurse based in Colorado. Julia's nursing background in women’s health has ranged from neonatal and postpartum care to labor and delivery, to outpatient gynecological medicine for both adolescent and adult populations. She specializes in helping women optimize their health during perimenopause and beyond.

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