I started lifting weights and stopped eating like an idiot

September 10, 2020.

Kim, you are such an inspiration to many of us – tell us what you do and how you’ve come this far!

You and I likely have a lot in common: I’m a 49 year old mother of 3 teenagers
(heaven help us all as we cyber school this year) 
whose world has been rocked by perimenopause.
As it happened my physical, mental and career transformation coincided with my rough peri years.
Before age 42 no one would have called me an athlete (least of all myself.)

I was overweight, out of shape & burnt out on yo-yo dieting.

That was the year I turned it all around. I started lifting weights, and stopped eating like an idiot.
I totally transformed my body and my mind and along the way began to help others do the same. 

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Age 38 and Age 49.


Why did you decide to specialize in nutrition and fitness? 

Because of my own transformation, I studied nutrition and training and built a coaching business that helps women lose weight, get strong,
feel good in their bodies & heal their relationship with food. 
I moved that business fully online 2 years ago and
over time as I spoke freely about my struggles with perimenopause
(night sweats, insomnia, brain fog, vertigo… the works) attracted more and more perimenopausal & menopausal clients.

It’s now become my de facto area of expertise. 

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I compete in powerlifting.

Deadlifts are my favorite lift.


What is the most asked question on perimenopause & nutrition/fitness you get?

How to lose the meno-belly. The answer isn’t as complicated and mysterious as it’s made out be.
It’s just that simple is not the same as easy.

Many are desperate to lose weight especially with the onset of perimenopause.


The most important thing to know is that you *can* lose weight in perimenopause. The principles of weight loss actually don’t change.
My peri clients lose weight the same way as my clients in their 20s and 30s.
The difference is we have more hurdles. So success hinges on understanding and navigating those hurdles. 

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What was your personal biggest Perimenopause WTF? moment?

Such a toughie. There have been so many! The roughest period for me was the 3 month stretch when
I was having night sweats over a dozen times per night. I haven’t been that sleep deprived since I’d had a newborn.

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With my baby girl.

Back when traveling was allowed. Remember traveling ?!


What would you advise your younger self for this time period?


For perimenopause specifically: educate yourself earlier. Just like you didn’t wait untilyou felt the first contractions to read up on
childbirth don’t wait till all hell is breaking loose during perimenopause to learn what’s going on with your body.

For aging generally: get as strong as possible as young as possible.

And put on as much muscle as possible as early as possible:, your figure, your health & quality of life as you age will benefit greatly.
Would young me listen? She’s a stubborn little lady so maybe not.
But if future me came back to tell her I think she’d be impressed enough to pay attention.

What’s in your peri pack – and perimenopause essentials?

  1. HRT (Hormone Therapy): Seriously changed my life. 
  2. Weights: Seriously changed my body.
  3. Community: Keeps me sane.

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Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, does not take the place of medical advice from your physician, and is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Patients should see a qualified medical provider for assessment and treatment. 

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Kim Schlag
I’m a Perimenopausal strength & nutrition coach. Founder & owner of Kim Schlag Fitness. Cereal lover & heavy lifter (deadlifts are my jam but my current #1 fitness goal is performing 1 handed push ups.) I help women get strong, lose weight & heal their relationship with food.

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