Perimenopause Essential Oils – DIY

August 28, 2020.

Essential oils can be a wonderful complementary treatment for perimenopause symptoms. For women looking to incorporate a natural remedy for frustrating perimenopause symptoms (for example insomnia, anxiety, depression, mood irritability, decreased sex drive, and hot flashes), essential oils can provide relief. Essential oils have few side effects and are natural, which makes many women turn to them for relief. 

If you are considering alternative therapies for perimenopause relief, it is important to note that while there is a lot of anecdotal evidence supporting the use of essential oils, there is little scientific evidence that suggests essential oils cure perimenopause symptoms.

However, all perimenopause treatment options for women aim to manage symptoms as opposed to cure perimenopause. This is because perimenopause is a normal, albeit challenging, transition in a woman’s life. Having a little (or a lot) of help along the way can make the 8-10 years of perimenopause more manageable.  

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If you are a Do-It-Yourself kinda gal, you can make your own essential oils at home. And if you are a real go-getter, you can even grow your own plants and use them in your homemade oils. For those of you who are not the DIY type, not too worry. There is an abundance of wonderful single and combination oils available for purchase.

How to Make Essential Oils

You will need:

  1. Crockpot
  2. Cheesecloth
  3. Distilled water
  4. Dried plant material of whatever you plan to extract oil from
  5. Dark-colored glass bottle, spray bottle, or roll-on bottle for storage.

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Essential Oils Recipe

  1. Fill the crockpot with as much dried plant material as the crockpot can hold and add distilled water to within one inch from the top of the crockpot.

  2. Next, cook on low for 24-36 hours and then cover with cheesecloth. Place somewhere out of direct sunlight for one week. 

  3. After one week, you should be able to skim the oil off the top of the crockpot and transfer to the glass jar. Cover the jar with the cheesecloth for further evaporation and keep the jar open for another week. 

  4. Finally, seal the glass jar and store it for up to 12 months. 

Interested in making a recipe for essential oils for hot flashes? Follow the above recipe with lavender, peppermint, or clary sage to fight those annoying hot flashes. Other plant essential oils that can be beneficial in perimenopause include basil, citrus, basil, geranium, rose, and thyme. 

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Have you made your own essential oils or have you tried them in treating perimenopause symptoms? Let us know how it went!

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Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, does not take the place of medical advice from your physician, and is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Patients should see a qualified medical provider for assessment and treatment.

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Julia Walker
perry expert Julia (RN, BSN, BA) is a registered nurse based in Colorado. Julia's nursing background in women’s health has ranged from neonatal and postpartum care to labor and delivery, to outpatient gynecological medicine for both adolescent and adult populations. She specializes in helping women optimize their health during perimenopause and beyond.

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