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perimenopause takes a village.

Perimenopause and menopause affect 50% of the population.

But it remains a taboo.

Many in the menopause transition are blindsided by their experiences — finding themselves confused and lonely.

A once trusted physician may dismiss the symptoms, a mother may have never shared her story and it feels too intimate (sometimes even shameful) to talk to a friend about it.

If any of this applies to you, you are definitely not alone.

And it is our mission to break the silence and isolation

perry is a safe space.

perry is a safe space for connections, support, new friendships and occasional laughs during the menopause transition. In your perry sisterhood you will meet other warriors who understand.

Reading and sharing experiences will help to feel ‘normal’ again. No, you are not going crazy and no, you are not alone.

With our network of wonderful experts we have gathered an abun- dance of perimenopause and menopause specific knowledge, articles and even a podcast.

evidence-based knowledge with our perry experts.

Join more than 16.000

perimenopause warriors in the perry sisterhood !


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